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   Pastor Mike and his family came to Ocoee Church of God as Pastors in February 2020. This was the church Pastor Mike's dad (Pastor Bob Whitmire) founded back in 1976. Both Pastor Mike and Sandy attended the Ocoee Church of God from 1976-2006, at which time Pastor Mike was called into the ministry. Being raised for most of his life in both Polk and Bradley Counties, provides him with a special sense and feel for the social, physical, and spiritual needs of the communities being served. Pastor Mike currently holds a degree in Business Management with a Major in Finance that was a result of his 38-year banking career in Polk County prior to his call into the ministry in 2008. 


     He and his wife Sandy have one daughter that attended Polk County High School where she was a varsity football cheerleader all four years. She plans to attend college and major in nursing. Some of Pastor Mike's hobbies are golf, softball, hunting, tennis, and fishing. 


     Pastor Mike and Sandy served as Senior Pastors of the All Nations Church of God from 2010-2020 and experienced a mighty move of God with hundreds being saved, healed, and delivered. Pastor Mike and Sandy now come to serve as the Senior Pastors of the Ocoee Church of God along with an awesome congregation of people with the full intention of restoring the original vision for Ocoee that was given to his dad back in the mid 70's. In 2019, he was appointed by the State Overseer to serve on the MIP Board (Ministerial Internship Program) in the State of Tennessee. This program is one of foundational programs in the Church of God for ministers and leaders. This 9-month highly intergraded program provides those seeking to advance in ministry with an effective hand on approach towards ministry. This program also provides ministerial preparation by practical training on the local-church level, academic self-study, and monthly training seminars, focusing on vital topics for spiritual leadership and effectiveness. The Ministerial Internship Program is required to advance from Exhorter rank to the status of Ordained Minister. Currently, the Ministerial Internship Program has been expanded to eighty-one countries and translated into eighteen languages.


     While serving at All Nations from 2010-2020, Pastor Mike and Sandy witnessed the Power of God being restored to that church evidenced by the large number of people that have been saved, filled, and healed by the Power of God. His desire and the people’s desire is to continue that same vision and implement positive change in the lives of the people and the community at Ocoee as well, through the vision that God has mandated for the church since its inception back in the mid 70's. As a third generation Pastor in the Church of God, he is committed to the preaching of the Cross as the means for salvation and eternal life. He is a "Down to earth Pastor in an updated society."


    Currently, Pastor Mike and the church have established and are presently operating over 24 different outreach ministries from Ocoee. Some other passions for ministry at Ocoee are winning souls for Christ and discipling the harvest that God has provided since 2008. Pastor Mike is committed to helping others fulfill their calling in the Lord and helping them realize their potential in the Kingdom ministry. His desire to help others revolves around the concept of getting people in, building them up for ministry, training them for effective service, and sending them out to fulfill the Great Commission mandate. Pastor Mike currently has 20 plus ministers in his local church at Ocoee that is participating in ministry. His goal and legacy are to build future generations, not crush future generations. 


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